Guru Shankardev and Guru Madhavdev: Savior of My Soul and This Human Life

This blog is written in dedication to our Gurus who resides in my heart along with Lord Hari..

One day, after some discussions with my family about various facets of the literature and teachings of Srimanta Sankardev and Sri Sri Madhavdev, suddenly like a new breeze of air, a thinking came to my mind, which made me sad. As a part of conversation, before my father was about to sleep, I told him about this sadness. Firstly, I became sad thinking about unimaginable hard work and pain tolerated by both of our Gurus (during 15th & 16th centuries) in their entire span of lives while trying to establish the religion of Lord Narayan across greater Assam. How they had to experience the insults, bad behavior as well as enmity of many people starting from the royal houses till the village men. Secondly, I became more sad when I thought about how I have failed them by not trying with my full potential to internalize and understand their teachings according to their advice in spite of all they luxuries bestowed on me by them.

Contemplating further, a famous poem by great poet Maithili Sharan Gupt came to my mind: “नर हो, न निराश करो मन को, कुछ काम करो, कुछ काम करो..” Disappointment and hopelessness are definitely should not be a roadblock for me, I thought. It would be better if I can convert this disappointment into a resolve to try better to serve our Gurus by following their directions. The first thing I can do to serve them is by internalizing their teachings with devotion through reading, contemplating and revising the wisdom imparted by them. The central aim of this blog is thus an exercise of self development through written reflection of the holy literature of our preceptors.

From the negligible knowledge that I possess, I have learnt that “Guruseva” and “Hariseva” are same. In bhakti tradition, the first is even more important than the latter. As said by great Bhakti Saint Kabir Das, “गुरु गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े , काके लागू पाय| बलिहारी गुरु आपने , गोविन्द दियो बताय||” In life, if such a situation comes when Guru and Govind (God) are in front of us, to whom should we pay respect first? Saint Kabir has resolved this dilemma by saying that we should choose Guru as he is the one who introduced us to Govind and that is why his place is (should always be) even above God.

Contemplating the lotus feet of Sankardev and Madhavdev in my heart, I would like to deliberate upon some of their key teachings that have made my life worthwhile and are a savior to my soul. These teachings are taken from the holy “Namghosha” and will be analyzed in an order as I deem fit.

The first and foremost teaching to be mentioned here is from Ghosha (divine verses) No. 249 as in the following image (in Assamese language)

This ghosha has said us to know it for certain that shelter of Hari is the main cause of happiness. At the same time it says that disinclination to Hari is the cause of sadness and we should know it as the statement of truth.

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